Hype Events is an organization that since 2019 has been promoting events for Second Life.


If you are the target audience of one of these events, do not hesitate to apply, see below the advantages of putting your brand in an event:

1- Exhibition of your brand - Your brand begins to become known among the designers participating in the event and among the customers who go to the fair to buy from them.

2 - Disclosure - Search for an event that discloses the Event. See what are the partnerships he has with social media, if he has a team dedicated to it.

3 - Disclosure through bloggers - A good event has a blogger team and a blogger manager who will take care of your brand.

4 - Exposure of your brand on social networks - See if they have a page on the main networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Flicrk and if these pages are being updated.

5- See if the participation fee charged matches the work being paid. Remember that an event has costs such as renting the venue and hiring ads to publicize the event.

We, Hype Events, have all the necessary structure to help you publicize your brand and help you make good sales.


Count on us!


Hype Events team